Despite doing only three Telugu films to date, Mrunal Thakur is one of the most adored actresses in Telugu cinema. The most recent outing of the actress is Family Star which is turning out to be the first bummer for her in Tollywood.

Coming to the topic, an amusing trend of Mrunal Thakur in Tollywood has been identified by netizens, and here’s a look at the same.

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Incidentally, all three of the films that Mrunal did in Tollywood fall under the same zone. In all three films, Mrunal plays a rich girl who falls for a middle-class guy. Though the presentation of her character largely varies in terms of aesthetics and character building, the essential core drive of her character remains the same in all her films. She comes from a wealthy influential family and falls for a common man.

A few netizens are already commenting that Mrunal, being a talented actress, is getting type casted in Tollywood as her characters in all three of her Telugu films have the same tropes.

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With the presentation largely varying in these three films, there isn’t a complaint about Mrunal for picking the same-zone characters again and again. But she sure must be watchful of this and bring necessary changes in her upcoming selections, it is pointed out.