Trailer Talk: Realistic Looking Funny Middle-Class StoryAfter an impressive teaser, the trailer of Oka Chinna Family Story is out. King Akkineni Nagarjuna unveiled it. Oka Chinna Family Story is a realistic drama with lots of fun set in a middle class background.

The trailer expands on the story provided in the teaser previously. Oka Chinna Family Story is about an unemployed youth whose world collapses overnight with an unexpected happening. His father has died, and what’s more, he has taken a huge loan before death. The son has to clear it.

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There are very relatable middle-class emotions and struggle in the story. The jobless youth, an angry father and a doting mother – they are all visible around us. It is this connection that makes one look forward to Oka Chinna Family Story.

The casting looks perfect with Sangeeth Sobhan heading the pack. Naresh, Tulasi and Rajeev Kanakala play other vital roles. Some of them are making their OTT debut with Oka Chinna Family Story. From the trailer itself, it looks like they have breathed life into the respective characters.

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Check out the trailer below. Mahesh Uppala directs Oka Chinna Family Story. Niharika Konidela produces it on the Pink Elephant Pictures banner. PK Dandi provides the music to the realistic looking entertainer. Oka Chinna Family Story streams on Zee5 Premium from November 19th.

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