One Hit and One Miss for Mahesh!The makers of Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata have increased the promotions and have released the second song Penny the other day. Though the song is getting good views, the talk and general reception to it is not that great.

The song is quite ordinary and has not become a rage like Kalaavathi. The manner in which Mahesh danced in Kalaavathi and Thaman’s tune, everything clicked and the song clocked 100 million views in no time.

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But it’s not the case with Penny song. The die hard fans are liking it but the general listeners have not gotten hooked on it. The song has Mahesh’s daughter Sithara in a special video but that has also not helped the song.

In a way Mahesh has scored one hit and one miss with the album of SVP so far. Already, the social media is abuzz that Mahesh and Thaman are purposely recreating an album like Ala Vaikunthapuramlo. So, the coming number from SVP needs to be a blockbuster hit to keep the hype going. We need to see if that happens or not.

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