Rajamouli - mahesh-babu-Working with Rajamouli has been a long-standing dream for Mahesh Babu and he will be fulfilling the same soon. Rajamouli will collaborate with Mahesh for his immediate next project after RRR.

But the first of the very few complaints about Rajamouli is that he takes a whole lot of time to complete his projects. Usually, Rajamouli takes at least 2-3 years to wrap up a project.

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In his latest interaction, Rajamouli confirmed that he is collaborating with Mahesh for a ‘big’ project. “I have a couple of ideas in mind. I can confirm that it will be a big project.”

Mahesh’s fans are now worried that Rajamouli has promised a ‘big’ project with their favorite hero. For Rajamouli to complete a big project, he might take at least 3 years, and the sad part is that the hero can’t work on any other projects in between.

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If that is the case with Mahesh-Rajamouli film, Mahesh’s fans won’t see their favorite star on the big screens for 3-4 years. This is the price they will have to pay to witness the collaboration between Mahesh and the finest filmmaker of this generation, Rajamouli.

Given the kind of larger than life films Rajamouli makes and the superstardom that follows, top heroes are more than willing to sacrifice years together for a collaboration with master filmmaker.

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