Renu Desai  Akira NandanRenu Desai maintains active presence on social media. And of late, she had been countering a few comments from Pawan Kalyan’s fans. This time around, she has hit back at it and expressed pain in a rather frustrated manner.

A Pawan Kalyan fan commented “Madam this is too much. Please show our Akira at least once. We have anticipation to see our Anna’s (Pawan Kalyan) son. Please don’t hide him. Release a video of him at least once in a while.” This is a vague translation of a Telugu post from the netizen.

Renu is clearly triggered by this post and she replied “Mee anna(Pawan Kalyan) Koduku??? Akira Naa Abbayi. Meeru oka talli ki Putta leda? I keep ignoring most of your messages. I understand that you’re his hardcore fans, but you guys are just so insensitive beyond belief.”

While the post from Pawan Kalyan’s fan might be out of anticipation, it has clearly rubbed Renu on the wrong side as she asserted Akira is her son and hit back at the netizen with full vigour. It can be understood that her comment has a degree of feminine touch as she’s triggered about Akira being called only Pawan’s son.

This isn’t just a response to one post, but rather a result of the frustration that is built up over continual posts from fans. The vigour in Renu’s post clearly proves the same.

“I keep ignoring and deleting such messages and comments. But today on my son’s birthday it just hurt me to read this insensitive comment,” Renu added later.