Payal vs Producer

Yesterday, actress Payal Rajput made a social media post complaining that her film ‘Rakshana,’ which she shot for in 2019 and 2020, but the producer is now demanding her to promote the film.

She said the producer hasn’t cleared her payment and also used inappropriate language, considering legal action.

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Now, the producer and director of the movie ‘Rakshana,’ Sri Prandeep Thakore, took the issue to the Telugu Film Producers Council and lodged an official complaint.

According to the producer, Payal Rajput was asked to give dates for the promotion of the film ‘Rakshana,’ but she refused, saying that it is a four-year-old film and advised to release it on OTT. As per the agreement, she was supposed to work for 50 days for the completion of the film in addition to promoting it. The producer utilized her services for 47 days.

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The producer and director informed that he is ready to pay the balance remuneration amount due to her, Rs. 6.00 lakhs only, before the release and after her participation for the publicity of the film.

Check the full complaint letter below.

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