Balakrishna-Mass-Look-NBK107Nandamuri Balakrishna’s next with Gopichand Malineni, #NBK107 is being canned in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. Some important mass sequences of the film are being shot there.

A few pictures from the location were leaked on social media and fans are going bonkers over them. Balakrishna is seen in white and white attire.

He is seen having his lunch. There is an attitude in the style of leaving the shirt over his shoulders and also the crossed legs.

Fans are bowled over by the look and style and are calling him Mass Ka Baap.

One more thing is that Balakrishna is not insisting on a Caravan unlike stars these days and is simply having his lunch under some shade.

#NBK107 is being readied for December release following the Akhanda sentiment. December 2nd is the probable release date.

The recent COVID explosion in the movie camp has also delayed the shoot.