Pooja_Hegde_F3_Telugu_Movie_Pooja Hegde is one of the most popular heroines right now and the makers are not thinking twice to sign her for their films by paying her big bucks.

Dil Raju and co brought in Pooja for their new film F3. Pooja was roped in for a special song in the film which has not worked well for the film. In a way, one can say that Pooja Hegde’s glamor was not used at all in the song.

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The special song, Life Ante Itla Undala was catchy and even the main lyrics were written for her. But, in every aspect like glamor, visuals, and dance, the director Anil Ravipudi failed to exploit her craze.

The result was an ordinary song which comes as a speed breaker in the film. This song was supposed to help the film but now, the general feedback is that it has turned out to be a bit boring and outdated.

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