Manchu Mohan Babu and Manchu Vishnu are known for their love towards veteran actor Nageswara Rao. To prove their respect for the veteran, the Manchu family has gone out of their way to give a special gift to the actor, who recently turned 90.

Mohan Babu hired popular artist Ramesh Gurujwala to gift a special painting to ANR as his birthday. The 18 ft by 4 ft painting contained photos from several films featuring ANR over the years. The photographs and clippings were arranged in such a way that it formed the image of Lord Vishnu and Rama.

The painting, which ANR loved to the core, took nearly six months to complete. A thriller Nageswara Rao said this is one of the best birthday gifts he has ever received. He was honoured and extremely happy with the effort taken by the Manchu family.

Mohan Babu, who has worked with ANR in several films, said this is the least he could do to a legend. He added that NTR and ANR were like his own two eyes, and he has always takes care of them. A happy Vishnu too had something similar to say.