Akshay kumar Sarfira

Prabhas’ Kalki 2898 AD, continues to dominate the box office, posing a challenge for upcoming Bollywood releases this week.

Sudha Kongara’s Sarfira, set to release on July 12, is crucial for Akshay Kumar. Based on G. R. Gopinath’s inspiring memoir Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey, the film aims for box office success amidst tough competition.

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Concerns are voiced among exhibitors like Roshan Singh from Bihar, who expresses worry about screens’ availability after Kalki’s strong performance last week affected other releases like KILL which flopped despite strong content.

With Sarfira’s release approaching, exhibitors hesitate to shift shows from Kalki to Sarfira, citing Prabhas’ rising popularity and Akshay Kumar’s recent box office disasters.

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Also, the remake factor of Sarfira will keep the audience away. Who will pay 300 bucks to watch a film that is available for free on the OTT platform?

Roshan also feels Indian 2/Hindustani 2 would be a minor player in the North. “The first Indian came 28 years ago. Today’s generation has no idea about it. It is Sarfira that will suffer the most in the Hindi belt due to the Kalki wave.”

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The industry is betting on the fact that the third Friday of Kalki 2898 AD‌‌ will collect better than the first Friday of Sarfira.

Some influencers are calling Sarfira the comeback film of Akshay Kumar – but will it even collect in 3 crores on Day 1? Doubtful.

Akshay Kumar is going through the worst phase of his career and he is depending a lot on Sarfira. If the film doesn’t get a respectable first weekend, then Akshay Kumar’s comeback to the top will be difficult.