Prabhas_Fans_UnreasonablePrabhas’s fans are not pleased with the recent films of the macho actor, Radhe Shyam and Saaho. They are venting out their frustration on social media now, and sadly, they are targeting the wrong person.

The other day, Praseeda Uppalapati, the cousin of Prabhas and also the producer of Radhe Shyam, shared a social media post, criticising online food delivery service, Swiggy.

Prabhas’s fans are mocking Praseeda over the same. “You lost Rs 300 crores on Radhe Shyam and delivered a disaster, but you’re concerned about a Swiggy order.” “Your family is more concerned about food than money,” Prabhas’s fans are commenting under Praseeda’s post.

Prabhas’s fans are targeting the wrong person for their frustration on Prabhas. The fact that they are mocking Prabhas’s cousin over her latest social media post proves the same. “Atha meeda kopam Dutta meeda choopinchinatlu undi” comment netizens on the frustration of Prabhas’s fans.