Prakash Raj's proud moment

The successful and respected actor Prakash Raj has taken sudden interest in producing more than acting. While he’s currently busing producing a trilingual romantic-comedy film, he has recently announced that he is producing a Tamil film, which will have music by Illayaraja, with veteran director Mahendran. Prakash Raj was delighted about collaborating with two legends.

Prakash Raj recent spend a day chatting with the legends and finalizing the film. He spent the first half of the day talking to director Mahendran, and the second half was spent in the company of Illayaraja. Prakash was thriller about the experience and said he should be blessed to collaborating with such legends in the same film.

Prakash Raj is known for producing meaningful films and as an actor is popular for taking up diverse roles, some good and some bad. While he has not tasted success as a producer, he still continues to back good films. Let’s see if he can get lucky this time.