Pushpa 2 Postponement

As the entire nation eagerly anticipates witnessing the magic of Sukumar and Allu Arjun on August 15 in Pushpa 2, rumors about a possible delay in the film’s release have emerged. Yes, you read that correctly!

According to media speculations, the Pushpa sequel has been postponed. Reports indicate that Sukumar and his team are currently reshooting some scenes. Additionally, the antagonist, Fahadh Faasil, recently received his schedule and has just started filming his part.

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Editor Navin Nooli is working on the final cut after Karthika Srinivas left the film. Meanwhile, Sukumar is reportedly dissatisfied with the visual effects, which could extend the post-production timeline.

Given these developments, it appears that Pushpa 2 might miss its planned release date of August 15. However, there has been no official confirmation from the director or the cast.

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This potential delay is a significant setback for Pushpa 2, as it would miss out on the massive box office potential of the August 15 national holiday. The film could have shattered records in North, South, East, and West, with a projected first-day worldwide gross of 180-200 crores and over 65 crores from the Hindi version alone.

Releasing on a normal date, Pushpa 2 is expected to open around 150 crores worldwide, resulting in a potential loss of 30 crores on its first day. It would also miss the four-day long weekend.

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Pushpa 2 will still open huge, but that extra push given by a national holiday will be now missing.

NTR’s Devara, originally set for release on October 10, was considering moving to September 27. Due to these latest developments, Devara is now considering moving its release to August 15, an excellent date for a huge pan-India movie due to the many holidays around that period.

Additionally, Rohit Shetty’s biggest cop universe film, Singham Again, which was postponed from August 15, might now revert to its original release date to cash in on the holiday period.

This year, August 15 (Independence Day) falls on a Thursday, offering a lucrative four-day weekend to mint money at the box office.

Pushpa 2 might opt for the September 27 release date, which was previously considered by Devara and is also a favorable release window.