Raja Vikramarka Is Kind Of Close To Mission ImpossibleKarthikeya‘s Raja Vikramarka is releasing on November 12th. The actor plays an NIA officer in the movie. Unlike earlier movies in that genre, Raja Vikramarka will have action and comedy in equal proportions, claims director Sri Saripalli.

“It is kind of 50-50 with action and comedy. The action part is not like bashing 10s of baddies. Action will be a part of the story’s progression. The action will be among the main characters and not like 100s of people coming at the hero,” he says.

“It may be a big comparision but the action in Raja Vikramarka is like in Mission Impossible. Action will not dominate but blend in the story like Mission Impossible. It is the nearest comparison. In Telugu, it is like Nirnayam movie which is a blend of action and comedy,” the director explains.

Sri Saripalli who finished a film-making course in the United States makes his directional debut with this film. A former protege of Vinayak, Sri is confident of the movie’s success. Karthikeya who is still in search of a hit after RX100 has pinned high hopes on this movie. Raja Vikramarka clashes with Anand Deverakonda‘s Pushpaka Vimanam on November 12th.