Karthikeya - Chaavu Kaburu ChallagaKarthikeya’s upcoming release ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’ has garnered the attention mainly due to the different title and that it’s bankrolled by GA 2 Pictures banner that has an impeccable record, so far. Of course, one is keen to see what attracted Allu Aravind and Bunny Vasu’s team to the story of a 27-year-old newcomer, Koushik Pegallapati.

It’s a different role for Karthikeya in this movie as a guy who is the driver of a vehicle that carries dead bodies to the graveyard. Karthikeya has no shirtless scenes in this movie unlike his previous movies where showing of his physique had been a common point right from his debut movie ‘RX 100’.

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He had to look leaner for the character and so went for body transformation. So the ‘RX 100’ actor took the reference of Dhanush in Tamil critically acclaimed movie ‘Aadukalam’ to look leaner and relatable. Not just the lean look, Karthikeya also took the reference of Dhanush’s body langauge from the above-mentioned Tamil movie.

He had to work on his slang and body postures. For that, director Koushik helped him to practice till the lead actor got them right. In most of the film’s promotions, the film’s main players were seen talking about the director’s age and being too young and matured for dealing a love subject with undercurrent philosophy. Let’s see.

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