SS-RajamouliSS Rajamouli has taken Telugu cinema to world audiences. After his trip to Japan to promote his last film RRR along with his two heroes, he was recently in the US. A special show was held at Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, where the director got a standing ovation.

However, the interesting bit here is that Rajamouli, or Jakanna as he is fondly called, gave a subtle hint that there could be a sequel to RRR. He also said that the story discussions were on and his father Vijayendra Prasad is working on it, though he refrained from giving out more details.

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Well, back home, fans are wondering if it was a publicity stunt by the director. Usually, if one looks at Jakanna’s style, after completing a film, he moves on to other projects. His style is to explore new characters, a new genre, and new stories.

He might say that there is a chance of Baahubali 3 or RRR2 owing to please his fans or give some news byte to the press, but in reality that’s not the way Rajamouli thinks or works.

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Going by his filmography it is evident once he moves on to other projects he doesn’t come back to his old ones. Rajamouli is not the one who likes to go back to the same set of characters and backdrop.

Rajamouli announced his next with Mahesh Babu, which Film Nagar insiders say will be a jungle adventure set in Africa.

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