Rajamouli Shot Ram Charan's Scene For 16 DaysSS Rajamouli is next to none when it comes to conceiving goosebump-inducing introduction blocks for his heroes. He is promising something similar, if not better for Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s fans with RRR.

“When you see a 1000 people ganging up on one guy, you will feel the adrenaline rush. Filming Charan’s introduction block was a scary experience. Soon after I said action, 1000 people, with Charan amongst them would move at once and there used to be dust all over. It was scary not to see him clearly amidst such a huge crowd. Luckily, he came out unscathed.” Rajamouli said.

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Rajamouli adds that the unit prepared for this scene for 3-4 months and then filmed it for 15-16 days. “After watching this scene in the theatres, you won’t believe that Charan could actually shoot for this scene without any injuries.”

Rajamouli has clearly started hyping up Charan’s introduction sequence and this is leaving mega fans on social media greatly excited.

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On a related note, there are also rumors that Jr NTR will have a stellar entry block as well. It is heard that he will be making his entry with the much hyped tiger fight sequence.