Rakshit Shetty

Our Telugu audiences know Rakshit Shetty as the ex-fiancee of Rashmika Mandanna who was heartbroken when his engagement with Rashmika got canceled. Now it seems, his heart is broken once again but this time it is for a web series.

Rakshit Shetty is quite disappointed as his Kannada anthology web series ‘Ekam’ struggled to find a platform despite efforts since 2020. No OTT platform is ready to buy Ekam.

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Eventually, Rakshit decided to release it independently, feeling it was time to share the story directly with audiences.

The Kannada film industry, despite recent hits like ‘777 Charlie,’ Kantara, KGF, and ‘Sapta Saagaradaache Ello’, faces challenges getting OTT recognition.

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Kannada filmmakers want more opportunities for their movies and series on OTT platforms. They feel that platforms should give them the same chances that other regional industries like Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam get.

Kannada filmmakers hope for fair treatment and more recognition so they can reach a wider audience with their stories.

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