Game Changer Leaks

Ram Charan and Shankar’s Game Changer is spending way too long in the production phase and there are fresh reports that the film could hit the theaters on the 25th of December, marking the occasion of Christmas. This is being tipped to be the proposed release date for the Charan starrer.

Merit-wise, the December 25 slot looks extremely good as it is a Wednesday slot and it comes with the long weekend advantage. The box office prospects are very promising if this date is indeed locked.

But the most important thing here is setting the stage for the film’s release. The early hype on the combination of Charan and Shankar has subsided due to the extreme delay. The onus is now on the makers to reactivate the buzz through a winning promotional campaign.

Christmas weekend can work very well if the content is good and if Game Changer can tick the box, and more importantly, garner the right hype through a winning promotional campaign, things look promising. But this is just a tentative plan for now and we await an official announcement on the date from the makers.