Ram-Pothineni-The-Warriorr-Ticket-PriceRam’s Warriorr is one of the anticipated films in recent times. A couple of songs from the album have clicked and attained buzz for the film, which is releasing on 14 July.

The Nizam bookings have opened and maximum pricing looks to have an impact on opening day sales.

As a part of the promotions, Ram interacted with Telugu media today. M9News asked Ram, “Warriorr has hit vibes. Industry believes it will be the first box office winner after a dry run in the last few weeks. But you’ve gone for maximum possible ticket pricing system for the film in Nizam. Do you think it will impact the full theatrical return of the film?”

Ram replied “I don’t have any idea on this. It’s not my department.”

But the thing here is that Tollywood is a hero-centric industry. All of the film’s business is entirely reliant on the hero. So, a hero should be directly involved with every aspect of his film.

So, it’s not right for Ram to say “no idea” as an answer for a question about the all important ticket pricing system. Ram scored the highest hit in his career with Ismart Shankar and it is upon him to follow it up with consecutive box office winners. Ticket pricing plays a key role in the same.