Ramarao on Duty Director's Loose Talk On Web-Media!Sarath Mandava is making his debut with action entertainer Ramarao On Duty with Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja in the lead. The film will be released on July 29th.

As a part of promotions of the film, Sarath has been giving interviews on YouTube. During a couple of the interviews, he was making satires on web media for no reason.

He tried to blame websites for making people believe what they read. Sarath is here in the industry for a short time but websites are there for a long time. He better realize the world is not just about his experiences. He better not decide what is right or what is wrong. That too so early in his career.

Then, there is talk about reviews and other stuff. There are many films which have released and became successful without getting impacted by this stuff. The systems are in place for a long time. Good Films have benefited and bad films have struggled. And there are several examples where the films with average content too worked well because of release timing advantage and hype etc.

Sarath Mandava should realize that it is only the film that should talk. It is the film that will silence or create critics, and no one has any propaganda against him or any others in the industry, in general.

The director should focus on creating a better product and promoting it positively instead of worrying about things that are not under his control. We wish him all the best for Ramarao On Duty.