The recent rave party bust in Bengaluru has been one of the most talked about topics on social media and it has hit a new turn now with the detaining of actress Hema.

As per latest reports, Hema is currently in the custody of Bengaluru police. The Bengaluru Central Crime Branch police have detained Hema and she is being held in police custody.

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Hema is likely to be presented in the court tomorrow and the future legal course of action could be determined subsequently.

Earlier, Hema was named in the rave party bust case by Bengaluru police. First, she denied these allegations and released a video saying she was in Hyderabad during the time of the incident.

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But Bengaluru police later shared the record of her transit from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. Her drug test samples also returned positive, meaning she not just took part in the rave party but also consumed drugs.