Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja lent his voiceover to Koti, a monkey character, in Hanu Man. The film has emerged as the unprecedented Sankranthi winner this year. The film is doing roaring business not only in Telugu states but also in the Northern belts and the US.

This isn’t the first time Ravi Teja has given his voice to a movie that doesn’t star him as the hero. He did it for characters like a bicycle in “Maryada Ramanna,” a small Bonsai plant in “Awe,” and as a narrator in “Mahaveerudu,” and all those movies became hits.

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Ravi Teja was initially set to compete with other films during Sankranthi with his action thriller, “Eagle.” However, the makers decided to avoid the clash at the last minute.

Even though he didn’t have his own movie during Sankranthi, Ravi Teja still left a mark with his voice in “Hanu Man.” The character Koti, the monkey, plays a crucial role in the climax as well, and Ravi Teja’s voice made it even more impactful. Kids, in particular, are loving it.

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