Ravi Teja Encouraging or Killing His Market?Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja made a solid comeback with Krack last year. But he followed it with a disaster like Khiladi. His latest release Ramarao On Duty is also getting a negative response from the audience.

So everyone is wondering what’s going wrong with Ravi Teja’s choice of films?

Many on social media are saying that Ravi Teja should stop doing films with newbies like Sarath Mandava or flop directors like Ramesh Varma. Ravi Teja’s intention of promoting new directors is noble, but he can’t risk his own career in doing that.

Ravi Teja’s wellwishers are saying that if he wants to encourage new talent, he can produce films with other stars. What is the need to harm his own market after making a comeback like Krack?

Trade experts say that due to Khiladi’s failure, Ramarao On Duty was sold at very low prices, and now if this film also fails to break even, his market value will go further down.

Ravi Teja has a huge lineup of mass entertainers in the coming months, and let’s hope this time his choice of films won’t go wrong.