Ravi Teja Is Hurt: He Knows This Already!Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Khiladi has released the other day and has opened to disastrous talk and reviews. The movie’s box office performance is also on the same level. Director Ramesh Babu seems to be the center of the storm and is blamed for the debacle.

Khiladi has the most illustrious star cast in recent times. It has big names like Sachin Kedkar, Rao Ramesh, Arjun, Mukesh Rishi, Unni Mukundan, Anasuya, and others. We do not know what has impressed the producer but he has poured money like water for the film. Every frame in the movie oozes money.

The movie also has two young heroines – Dimple Hayathi and Meenakshi Chaudhary who did not have any inhibitions to do skin show. But that has gone wrong for the movie. The director gave us the impression that he is fully occupied only with the glamour part and ignored everything.

We also saw Ravi Teja mouthing plenty of double-meaning dialogues in the film.

If we observe Ravi Teja‘s speech at the film’s Pre-release event. We can clearly see him vexed with the director. He looked completely disturbed and has targeted the director big time. That means Ravi Teja is well aware of what is coming. Ramesh Varma already delivered a disaster for Ravi Teja in 2011 with Veera.

After a decade, the director gets another chance from Ravi Teja only to give a bigger debacle.