Ravi Teja KhiladiMass Maharaja Ravi Teja‘s Khiladi is announced for February 11th release. It is the only notable release that announced its arrival after Sankranthi. The movie will induce a lot of confidence in the industry if it really comes out on the day.

As things stand today, there is a night curfew and 50% occupancy in Andhra Pradesh. But night curfew begins only at 11 PM in Andhra Pradesh. If the runtime permits and shows are planned carefully, four shows per day are still possible.

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50% occupancy is a pain in some A centers but in some B and C centers, the rule is not religiously followed. In Telangana, there is no problem with both. Unless Andhra Pradesh goes for a weekend curfew or if there is a concern that people would not come to theaters due to Omicron’s scare, medium-range budget films can dare this situation.

Once the industry re-opens, we will see big films fighting out for release dates, the small and medium-range budget films will have to wait longer for a decent release date. Many films are already delayed and there is no rationale in waiting further.

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So if the conditions remain the same, it is better if the films take a risk. Given that the hospitalizations and deaths are low in this wave, people are a bit casual. It will also help these films.

After the first wave, we have seen Ravi Teja showing the way to the industry with Krack, this may be one more.

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