Andhra Pradesh's Condition Hopeless: UndavalliFormer MP Undavalli Arun Kumar made critical comments once again on YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s financial mismanagement. “Every government will have its ultimate goal. But this government is completely clueless. The entire administration is complicated. At least I do not understand,” Undavalli said.

“It is difficult even to ascertain the loans of Andhra Pradesh because they keep increasing every day. The credibility of the state is going down even as the properties are kept as collateral for loans. When creditworthiness is going down, the state will naturally go towards bankruptcy,” he said.

Undavalli also responded about YSR Congress leaders’ defense that every government in the World is taking loans due to the pandemic and economic slowdown. “They are correct to some extent. But AP is carrying a huge risk because those in power in AP do not have a plan to overcome this situation,” he added.

“Everyone is doing loans and they have an idea and hope to somehow come out of this mess. But what is it that idea and hope for AP? I don’t think there is anything like that in the case of Andhra Pradesh. The condition has become hopeless,” Undavalli told in an interview.