Reality: KGF 2 Can't Even Go Near Baahubali 2KGF 2 has gotten off to a super bright start at the box office. The film is doing particularly well in the Hindi circuit, as expected by many even before the film’s release. But can KGF 2 get even close to Baahubali 2? The answer will be a big NO.

KGF 2 did get off to an excellent start at the box office as it made a whopping Rs 268 crores in its first week which is the highest ever 1st-week tally for any film till now, but the real challenge starts from here.

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KGF 2 isn’t the kind of film that pulls the family audience to theatres in big numbers. This is what separates KGF 2 from Baahubali 2, which pulled all sections of the audience. Right now, looking at the current trending KGF 2 may not even beat Dangal.

If we take at the larger picture, not even Bollywood biggies could come even close to Baahubali 2’s final tally in the Hindi belt.

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The top 5 films in terms of box office numbers are

Baahubali 2 – Rs 510 Cr nett
Dangal – Rs 387 Cr
Sanju – Rs 342 Cr
PK – Rs 340 Cr
Tiger Zinda Hai – Rs 339 Cr

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If mainstream Bollywood biggies featuring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan couldn’t beat Baahubali 2 tally, it would be near impossible for KGF 2 to beat Baahubali 2. Moreover, Baahubali 2 gripped the entire nation and it released amidst unprecedented hype. Repeating something like this is outrageously tough.