Renu Desai

Renu Desai maintains a very active presence on social media and she occasionally fires on Pawan Kalyan’s fans when they tend to cross the line when it comes to commenting on her social feed.

Incidentally, Renu Desai recently shared a social media post about a philanthropic activity done by herself and her kids Akira and Aadhya. However, she was met with a set of comments from Pawan Kalyan’s fans as they said the kids have a golden heart like Pawan’s.

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Renu got offended by the same and she replied “Why do you people come under every single post of mine and comment such stuff? I must have blocked hundreds of you? Why do you have to compare me with my ex husband. I have been caring for animals since I was 10 years old and I’m continuing the same now. It has nothing do with my ex husband.”

“Stop commenting that I’m just like my ex husband and let my Instagram presence be as is.” Renu said.

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Renu Desai is evidently agitated by a section of Pawan’s fans who seemed to have compared her to her ex husband Pawan and she has hit back at the same.