Revised Ticket Rates For New Releases!The Telangana government had permitted theatres to raise ticket rates for big-budget films like RRR, KGF Chapter 2, and Acharya. The tickets at single screens were priced at Rs. 150, and at plexes, they were Rs. 295. Some plexes also collected Rs. 400-500 per ticket for RRR.

Now the ticket rates have been revised for the new releases this week. This week will witness the release of small-budget movies like Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam, Bhala Thandhanana, and Jayamma Panchayathi. The single-screen tickets will cost Rs. 150, and multiplexes will charge Rs. 200.

These ticket rates are still exorbitant, and the regular movie-going audience can’t afford to spend such money on small-budget films. They can get a three-month subscription to OTT platforms instead of buying a ticket for these movies.

On the other hand, Acharya’s ticket rates are still priced at Rs. 295 for plexes and Rs. 175 for single screens despite its dismal performance. The film would have at least gotten some footfalls if the ticket prices had been slashed for the second week.

Dr. Strange 2 is sure to attract the maximum audience this weekend with the ticket prices at single screens costing Rs. 150 and Rs. 295 for multiplexes.