Allu Arjun Pushpa 3

Pushpa, directed by Sukumar, marks a game-changer for Allu Arjun and has made an unexpected entry into the pan-India market. However, there is no denying that Pushpa received average reviews upon its Telugu release.

Nevertheless, Pushpa has now emerged as the most promising pan-India prospect.

Sukumar faces a significant challenge in delivering the second part, as expectations are sky-high. While demand is substantial, meeting expectations and hype is no easy task.

There is a common opinion that Pushpa lacks the storyline to sustain interest for a second part due to the way Sukumar ended part 1. Especially the climax of Pushpa part 1 received unanimous negative response. Despite all this, Allu Arjun is proceeding with Pushpa 3.

Even Prashanth Neel has remained silent about KGF 3, and the same goes for Rajamouli regarding Baahubali after two parts.

Even audiences are feeling bored and fatigued if there is no real cliffhanger for the next part.

We should wait and see whether Allu Arjun is desparate to capitalize on the Pushpa craze or if Sukumar will truly deliver exciting content that leaves audiences demanding for a third part.