Salaar Trailer

The much-anticipated trailer of Salaar, one of the more promising films in Indian cinema was unveiled by the makers a short while ago.

The trailer is almost entirely designated to establish the core premise of the film – the friendship between Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran.

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The opening 2 minutes are used to establish the visuals of the Khansaar village, a heartland filled with crooked goons. Then comes the main man, Prabhas with a suggestive elevation shot of his hand, which is picked up from the teaser.

The whole dark vibe and aesthetic are in familiar Prashanth Neel territory. KGF-style cinematography is clearly evident. Neel uses the trailer to set up his core story and give a peek into the world of Salaar.

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However, on the flip side, we get a deja vu feeling while watching the trailer as we are accustomed to such visuals in Neel’s previous films. We don’t quite get the adrenaline rush, at least on the expected level from a trailer of Prabhas and Neel’s film.

The trailer is unusually long at nearly 227 seconds which is not conventional for commercial films. Perhaps the lengthy time takes away the highs of the fast-paced nature of action films that we are used to.

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That said, the action shots in the end featuring Prabhas induce a good high. This works in the favor of the trailer and closes out on the right note. The background score is more in tune with the narrative than a theme-driven one like KGF. Unlike KGF, Salaar’s trailer doesn’t have hook BGM.

Salaar is scheduled for release on the 22nd of December and it is evidently a tale of the relationship of two friends gone wrong in a violent setting.