Sanjay Dutt jail help

Bollywood hero Sanjay Dutt is helping jail authorities in many ways. He is keen to mobilize funds with charitable programes along with other inmates. Recently his show was postponed but would take place again in Pune jail where he was kept in connection with 1993 bomb blast case. Interestingly he indirectly helped authorities to get more funds by enhancing rents for shootings in jails.

Recently, director Rajkumar Hirani visited the jail and interacted with Sanjay when he talked about chairitable programmes. During the discussion, the authorities of prision department noticed that the fee was not hiked in the last ten years for the shooting of movies in jail premises. Immediately, they issued orders enhancing fee to Rs.30,000 per day for shooting. There is a valid reason for enhancement of the fees since all the movies which have jail scenes will attract audience.

Even in Telugu movies, jail scenes attract audience. For instance, Chiranjeevi’ action in Khaidi movie is simply superb and made him megastar of Tollywood. His action was appreciated in Veta movie also but the film failed at the box office. Junior NTR came to limelight with Student No.1 movie in which he acted as a prisoner. Venkatesh and other Tollywood heroes proved their mettle with excellent expressions in jail scenes.