Jagapathi Babu

Not many actors like to open up about their drinking habits or lifestyle choices. But Telugu veteran Jagapathi Babu always wears his heart on his sleeve. Now, he has netizens to pick what beverage he should have next.

Taking to Twitter, on the occasion of his birthday today, Jagapathi Babu shared a photo of him holding a scotch bottle in one hand and what appears to be a Kallu bottle in the other. He asked Twitter users to pick which bottle he should by.

The senior actor tweeted “Elagola Putteysanu. siggu lekunda adugutuna, mee andari ashishulu naku kaavali.. Rendodhi, alochinchakunda quick ga decide cheyandi ee renditlo edhi kotamantaru?.”

This strikingly witty question from Jagapathi Babu has left many netizens surprised as not many were expecting Jagapathi Babu to ask about which alcoholic beverage he should have next.

Some of the replies to this tweet read “
Rendu Kalipi Kottandi.” “Aha Nachav Bro ila open ga Undevallu ante naaku chala ante chala ishtam ❤❤ Happy Birthday”.

This sure is one intersting way to make the headlines on one’s birthday. This tweet from the veteran is going viral on Twitter now.