Vijay-Deverakonda-Bollywood media is a strange entity. There often are harsh and insensitive reports on stars. This time around, a self-proclaimed critic named KRK has posted a senseless story on Vijay Deverakonda, obviously in an indirect way.

“According to secret media news Vijay Anakonda is the new boyfriend of Karan Johar! While Rashmika is girlfriend of Vijay. Therefore Karan johar helped Rashmika to get work in 5 Hindi films” KRK tweeted earlier today.

It is clearly evident that there is no truth in this senseless story and it is just an attention grabbing attempt from the said media

Saying Vijay is Karan’s boyfriend and Rashmika is Vijay’s girlfriend is clearly crossing the line. Vijay is a self made actor and seeing new heights in his career. Sad to see a Bollywood critic stooping to a new low just to get some engagement on Twitter, a netizen commented.

But again, this isn’t the first time KRK is coming up with a brainless story. He often posts attention-grabbing yet illogical rumors on Twitter and is known for it. So, we can’t expect Vijay to react to something as random as this.