Bollywood's Attempt To Repeat Baahubali Flops BadlyBaahubali changed the dynamics of not just Telugu cinema but also Bollywood. It changed the way people started seeing films. And since then, Bollywood has been trying many times to replicate its success by mounting films on a similar scale, but the outcome has been nothing but disastrous.

This week’s release, Yash Raj Films’ Shamshera starring Ranbir Kapoor, is another such film. The film’s story is similar to Baahubali’s that deals with a son coming back to avenge the death of his father and free his slaved people from the clutches of evil. The film also has a similar mother angle, a romantic water song, and also a character like Katappa, who is loyal to the hero.

But Bollywood must realize that they still have to discover a director of Rajamouli’s caliber. No director in Bollywood currently has that vision and conviction of SS Rajamouli. On top of that, Ranbir Kapoor is no match for Prabhas. Ranbir is a fine actor, but for films like these, you need someone who looks magnificent.

Many critics are also criticizing that not just Baahubali but Shamshera takes a lot of inspiration from KGF and RRR as well. The slavery angle reminds us of KGF, and the British tyranny angle seems familiar to RRR’s backdrop.

It is high time Bollywood realizes its true strength and comes up with novel story ideas that can give some sort of competition to South mass films.