Sharwanand is usually a clam-going person who tries to stay away from aggression. His Manamey is releasing tomorrow across the globe and there are positive vibes around the film. Surprisingly, Sharwa is so vocal about the film’s success.

He is someone who makes conservative comments about his film. But this time, he is saying it is a sureshot blockbuster.

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Earlier at a film Pressmeet, he told M9 News Correspondent that he is taking extreme care of his films and will take the responsibility of the success and failure himself going forward.

Sharwa also announced the Success Meet of the film in Pithapuram during the pre-release event of his film Manamey.

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The makers actually planned the Pre-release event in Pithapuram. However, permission was denied for the same.

“We didn’t get permission for the pre-release event which we planned in Pithapuram. I hope TG Vishwa Prasad will get permission from Pithapuram new MLA Pawan Kalyan. It’s my wish to celebrate the success party in the town.”

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Sharwanand who never spoke about politics made such surprising comments at the event. He congratulated Chandrababu Naidu who is about to take oath as CM for the fourth time, Balakrishna for his hat-trick win, and Pawan Kalyan for becoming MLA for the first time.

Producer TG Vishwa Prasad also expressed his wish to organize the success event of Manamey in Andhra Pradesh.