Actor VishalActor Vishal has raised serious allegations of corruption against the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in Mumbai.

In a shocking revelation, Vishal claimed that he was forced to pay Rs 6.5 lakhs to CBFC officials to obtain a censor certificate for the Hindi version of his latest film, “Mark Antony,” which was released in North India.

Vishal took to his social media platforms to share a video in which he described the ordeal of having to make two transactions to secure the screening and certificate.

He urged Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against those responsible for the alleged scam, even revealing the account holders’ details involved in the transactions.

Expressing his dismay, Vishal wrote, “Corruption being shown on the silver screen is fine, but not in real life, especially in government offices like the CBFC Mumbai office.”

He detailed the breakdown of the payments, with 3 lakhs for screening and 3.5 lakhs for the certificate, emphasizing that he had never encountered such a situation in his career.

Vishal’s motive for bringing this issue to light is to protect future producers from facing similar challenges. He hopes for the truth to prevail and emphasized that his hard-earned money should not be lost to corruption.

The allegations have left social media users stunned. Many are questioning the implications for big-budget, pan-India films if a small film like “Mark Antony” required 6.5 Lakhs for a censor certificate.

This revelation has raised concerns about the integrity of the CBFC, which falls under the central government’s jurisdiction, and the potential impact on the Indian film industry as a whole.