Srihari's Vacant Spot

The sudden death of actor Srihari has led to a void in the film industry and the speculation is on about any future candidates likely to take up the esteemed position. The actor possessed a certain flair for humour and could easily elevate the level of any film from mediocre to something special. Anybody who steps in his shoes and replaces Srihari in Telugu films needs to be someone as special as Srihari himself. The actors who are being widely considered for this position are Jagapathi Babu, Sai Kumar and Rajashekar.

Jagapathi Babu is a versatile actor and is known for being the first actor to experiment with roles in Tollywood. Sai Kumar with his wonderful intonation can take on both positive as well as negative roles. Rajashekar as well is known to do different characters as hero will fit for good villain roles too. It now remains to be seen who actually succeeds in getting Srihari’s spot!