This Is The Biggest USP of RRR FightsRRR, one of the biggest awaited movies by the cinephiles of the year, has been making all the right kind of buzz even before the film went on floors. With two of the biggest stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR coming together for first-time, this has made the hype add up further.

Celebrated screenwriter and Rajamouli’s father KV Vijayendra Prasad is the man behind the RRR script. He has now revealed major highlights of RRR. Having graced celebrity talk show, he made this startling revelation where he admitted to having watched RRR.

“The fight scene of RRR is the biggest USP and it will move everyone into tears. The fight takes place between Ram Charan and Jr NTR and seeing both the stars fight is a highlight. But as an audience we get a feeling that they should not engage in a fight as both are correct at their own place, however they are unaware of it,” says Vijayendra Prasad.

Vijayendra Prasad continues stating that just as a mother gets a feeling that her sons shouldn’t fight, seeing Charan and Tarak one gets the same feeling. RRR is slated for October 13 release. Speculations are doing rounds that the film may push the release date, however the team has plans to go ahead with the stipulated release as of today.