Tiger 3Yash Raj Film’s Aditya Chopra is embarking on an ambitious project by establishing a Spy Universe through his upcoming film, Tiger 3, which will be released during Diwali.

If sources are to be believed this cinematic universe will encompass various films, including NTR and Hrithik Roshan’s War 2.

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Tiger 3 is poised to be pivotal in shaping the future of this cinematic universe, setting the stage for other interconnected films.

The film promises open-ended narratives that pave the way for character development in future films. It’s evident that Tiger 3 will determine the trajectory of the Spy Universe, with plans for “Pathaan,” “War 2,” and the untitled Alia Bhatt SPY film already in motion.

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There will be enough hints in Tiger 3 which will give the audience an idea of what they are going to see in future Spy Universe films, especially in WAR 2. There are fair chances that NTR’s character might get a brief introduction in the film.