Eagle LalSalaam Yatra2

Tollywood has registered a rather disappointing weekend at the box office with none of the new releases being able to take over the ticket counters. The most notable release of the lot, Eagle has fared comparatively better with good late-evening shows all through the weekend. The rest have disappeared.

After a modest start Eagle could only maintain a partial hold. The opening shows were weak all weekend long but the late evening shows were better. The makers however said they are satisfied with the box office run.

Yatra 2 had a forced start with support from YCP cadres on the first day and it immediately crashed on the second day with absolutely zero interest from the common audience.

Dubbed films True Lover and Rajinikanth’s Lal Salaam disappeared without a trace. It is hard for them to even recover the promotional costs and release expenses.

Overall, this weekend has been a rather poor one for Tollywood with none of the films being able to gain positive swing at the ticket counters.