Top 5 Gossips of the year 1.Pawan Kalyan’s third marriage

When something bad about Pawan Kalyan comes out, it becomes instant headlines as the actor is very reclusive. 2012 has seen the biggest gossip about the actor getting married to his co actor Dana of Teenmaar. A news channel had aired programs saying that they have been living together for long time. Later, this gossip was cracked when it was revealed that Dana is happily married to her boy friend and is living happily several thousand miles away from India.

Top 5 Gossips of the year 2.Mokshagna arrested

Nandamuri fans get the second biggest shocker of the year with a news channel airing stories that Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna arrested in a drunk and drive case. Later a video from the spot revealed that the actor’s son was not arrested and was not even driving the car when it was stopped for the regular drunk and drive check. It was a huge respite for N fans who do not want to see the young gun in bad light even before making his debut.

Top 5 Gossips of the year 3.Chaitanya marries Anushka

Strange are the ways of media. There was several things said and written about Nagarjuna romancing Anushka. And it was all of a sudden, A news channel had a prime time story that Naga Chaitanya and Anushka were married in a secret ceremony. Akkineni family had to come out to condemn it. Finally, it turned out as one more cooked story. Anushka later went to pair up with Nagarjuna in Damarukam too.

Top 5 Gossips of the year 4.Rana’s relationship with Trisha

This is one unclear event of the year. It was actually a series of events. It was Trisha who said in an interview that Rana is her 3AM friend. Later there was a rumour that both of them are caught partying hard together and being intimate in front of media. And then, there was one special photo shoot of both of them together for Southscope magazine even though when they are not acting together. Media had started predicting their engagement and wedding dates.But nothing such sort happened till now.

Top 5 Gossips of the year 5.Charmee slaps Harish Shankar

Towards the end of the year comes a big shocker to Harish Shankar who delivered the biggest hit of the year. An English daily reported that Charmee had given him a tight slap when he misbehaved with her in the pretext of a story discussion. Later both of them had to hit to twitter to condemn the story.