TV channels quest for talented anchors

The Southern Television industry always seems to be short of anchors as most of them are not able to meet the demands of the viewers today. It has become even harder for them to survive since the rapid growth of TV channels in the previous decade and the search for perfect anchors and hosts still continues.

While there is enough glamour, the foremost things lacking which needs to be paid attention on are the professional aspects. The major requirements include fluency in the Telugu language, correct pronunciation and knowledge about the subject. There are many applicants for this career choice but only few have these skills. Language is an important issue for these anchors and a lack of grip on the language is a major problem. Most of the times these young aspirants just want to get an acting job in some serial instead of anchoring TV shows. Some popular TV channels are still depending on veteran anchors like Suma, Jhansi, Udaya Bhanu. According to ETV-2 creative head Amirneni Harikrishna there is no dearth of talent but young aspirants are not really patient enough to learn and wait to meet the demands of the small screen industry.