Allu Arjun

Atlee had an all-time blockbuster debut last year with Jawan, in which Shah Rukh Khan appeared in his most massy avatar. Since then all Bollywood stars are craving to work with Atlee as he projects his heroes in the best way possible.

Originally, Atlee was set to create a massive action entertainer with Allu Arjun. However, for unknown reasons, the project was shelved.

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Shifting his focus back to Bollywood, Atlee has now been recommended by Shah Rukh Khan to work with Salman Khan. According to the latest buzz, Atlee might team up with both Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh for an upcoming two-hero film.

Atlee is aiming for a major casting coup with his next film. Industry insiders suggest that he has approached Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh for a two-hero action entertainer. While discussions are still in the early stages, no official confirmation has been made.

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There is still no clarity on whether this project is based on the same script that was initially planned with Allu Arjun. Atlee’s films often feature the hero in dual roles, so Allu Arjun would likely have played a dual role in this project.

Speculation in the industry suggests that since the original film with Allu Arjun is not happening, Atlee has reworked the script from a dual-role hero movie to a two-hero movie featuring Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh.

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Tollywood fans are celebrating with pride, claiming that it takes two big Bollywood stars to replace one Allu Arjun. This highlights his immense star power as a pan-India star.