UV Creations Quid Pro JaganUV Creations Banner is undergoing a deep financial crunch. Adipurush is their big ticket film releasing next. UV lined up some medium-range projects up next and the success of this film is important for them.

They are already free from financial burden as they offloaded the AP and TS rights to People Media Factory. But success here will improve the brand value of the Banner.

UV Creations’s last biggie, Radhe Shyam got a mere 25 Rupees ticket hike in Andhra Pradesh. This was in the thick of ticket price controversy back then.

The producers of UV Creations are very close to the AP CM. But then, Jagan refused a price hike for Radhe Shyam to prove himself as impartial.

This time, UV Creations started the groundwork for the Ticket Price well in advance.

Even though they are on good terms with the AP CM, they have doubts due to Radhe Shyam’s experience.

They committed to produce Yatra 2 which is going to be a propaganda film for YSR Congress before the 2024 elections. UV producing the film will give a mainstream color to the Political film.

Mahi V Raghav, who directed Yatra, a biopic of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy is making this sequel that is based on Jagan’s Padayatra and his rise to power.

For making a propaganda film on Jagan, they are expecting a price hike of at least upto 100 Rupees in Andhra Pradesh.

In Telangana, Adipurush may go for the highest price of 295 Rupees and the applicable price for 3D versions in such screens. There is a discussion that PMF may apply for a 50 Rupees price hike but the trade is skeptical about footfalls especially because Adipurush is a mythological film.

But then, PMF is in two minds because as much as 60 Crore is riding on the film in Nizam.