Vanity Van Craze

Director Farah Khan, renowned for her blockbusters like Main Hoon Naa and Om Shanti Om, has shed light on a concerning trend permeating the industry: the demanding nature of actors.

Khan revealed that some actors refuse to perform until their fleet of four personalized vans arrives on set, each designated for various purposes from gyms to food trucks. They also need a van where they can be intimate with their co-stars.

This trend is prevalent not just in Bollywood but also in other language industries.

What’s more alarming is that this behavior isn’t confined to A-listers; even mid-range and small-scale stars are now expecting such lavish treatment, worsening the financial strain on producers.

Nowadays except for a few stars most of the stars cannot even guarantee an opening at the box office but their demands are ever ending, creating a burdensome environment for producers.

This culture of entitlement not only strains budgets but also perpetuates an unsustainable dynamic in the industry.

Tollywood’s prominent producer TG Vishwa Prasad also talked about the craze for caravans among stars and the corruption associated with it.

It’s time for actors to prioritize professionalism over luxuries, easing the burden on producers. Ending this tantrum culture will create a healthier, more sustainable film industry.