Pushpaka VimanamVijay Deverakonda is producing brother Anand Deverakonda’s next, Pushpaka Vimanam which is releasing on November 12th. Vijay is aggressively promoting the film taking break from his Liger shooting whenever needed. In an interview, Anand revealed how important is his brother in his life.

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“The tag ‘Vijay Deverakonda’s Brother’ is never a burden for me. It helped me to fall into the eyes of the people. They know me even before my first release because of that. There is some magic in him. He energizes people whenever he talks. If he is in a room, he spreads positivity throughout the entire room. That is what I like in him,” Anand said.

The actor also revealed how Vijay helped him in the lowest point of his life. “I was very depressed with the result of Dorasaani after all the hard work I put in for the film. I have a job by then and wanted to go back. But Vijay stopped me,” the actor revealed.

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“Vijay told me – ‘You are an actor for life when you wear makeup for the first time. You can not go back and do the old job. People will see you as an actor only. I felt he is right. Since MCA is agreed before Dorasaani’s release, that failure did not impact me. Now, I signed two more films after Pushpaka Vimanam,” he added.

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