NTR’s role in WAR 2 has surprised many of his fans as he is set to portray an Indian agent rather than a villain, contrary to expectations. This revelation has stirred discussions among fans who had anticipated him playing the main villain.

Furthermore, talks are circulating about NTR potentially featuring in other films within the same SPY universe, such as Pathaan 2 and Tiger Vs Pathaan. Additionally, there are rumors of a standalone spin-off film centered around NTR.

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When Pathaan emerged as an all-time blockbuster last year, the hype for the SPY universe was on a different level. However, after Tiger 3 became a disaster, both commercially and critically, there was a decline in interest among audiences.

The recurring theme of RAW officers turning rogue and collaborating with Pakistan’s ISI has started to feel repetitive, resulting in audience fatigue. This weariness has significantly dampened the excitement surrounding WAR 2 as it is no longer as promising as it was when it was announced last year.

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Given this context, speculations regarding NTR’s involvement in future SPY universe projects lack the same level of enthusiasm from fans. Many are skeptical about WAR 2 now, preferring to gauge the reception of WAR 2 before generating excitement for NTR’s potential future ventures within the SPY universe.

Directed by Ayan Mukerji, “War 2” is slated for release during the Independence Day weekend in 2025.

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