What is Gunasekhar busy with?

Rudhramadevi is keeping Gunasekhar on this toes, and the filmmakers is keeping himself busy like never before. He is busy shooting on one hand while simultaneously also keeping an eye on the sets that’s being specially built for the project. But what’s keeping him even more busy is the hunt for a young actress who can play the younger version of Anushka.

Yes, Gunasekhar is currently busy hunting a suitable newcomer or preferably a young actress in the age group 14 or 15 to play the young version of Rudhramadevi. He has going through several portfolios and screening candidates for the same. A close source to the director reveals that he is likely zero in on the actress in about a week’s time.

He is taking his time to find the right actress because she is supposed to match to the performance of Anushka in the film. In fact, Anushka’s character will depend on her younger version.